Our menus

we recommend you the menu Confiance.”

Menu Voyage: 122 €

Appetizers, starters, fish, , meat, cheese (or cheese trolley, extra of 15 €), pre-dessert, dessert, petits fours.

Unique menu served to the entire table.

Menu Confiance with drinks: 195 €

Including 1/2 bottle of water, 5 glasses of wine and 1 coffee/tea.

Menu Monts & Bocage

Starter, fish or meat, cheese, pre-dessert and dessert at 75 €

Starter, fish and meat, cheese, pre-dessert and dessert at 92 €

Appetizers in different services.

A cold foie gras

Almond and cherries flavours.


Auvergne calt cod “estofinado” on crispy bread

Poached blue Saint-Malo lobster, fresh coriander consommé.

Home grown verbena powder on a stewed royal seabream

Carott and root vegetable, vapourous capers mayonnaise.


Leg of lamb from the Bourbonnais, slowly cooked and thinly cut

Ewes milk yoghurt, swiss chard and dates paste.

Auvergne cheese trolley from Nivesse and Pilou productions.


La Comtesse de Vichy, light and foamy

Toasted brioche and Mache salad .


The white cheese faisselle.


 Different taste and textures of milk, Charroux mustard and frozen honey.


Sweet petits-fours.

Menu Sources : 42€

  • Appetizer, starter, main course.
  • Appetizer, main course, cheese or dessert.

Weekdays only and according to the Chiefs’s selection.

Menu Sucre d’Orge (child under 10 years) 

  • Main course and dessert : 25 €
  • Starter, main course and dessert : 40 €